Call for Applications - QI Seed Grant

October 11, 2017

Applications can now be submitted for the available 2017 Seed Grants. Funding opportunities are available to a maximum of $5000 per quality improvement initiative. Submissions will be reviewed for approval by a Review Committee that includes patients, specialists, Northern Health and Doctors of BC representatives. We will be accepting applications from October 1, 2017 to October 31, 2017.

What can be funded?
Examples of what can be funded include: paying for a student to help on a quality improvement project; reimbursing a nurse for their time working on your quality improvement project; or paying for a videographer to help with your project. Physicians are reimbursed separately though the Physician Quality Improvement funding for their time. To identify if your request would be applicable, talk to your local Quality Improvement Coach:

Required application content (Your local Quality Improvement Coach can help you fill out the attached project charter form): 

  1. Project Sponsor sign-off 
  2. Completed Project Charter 
  3. Budget

Required criteria: 

  1. Must be a QI project that facility-based specialists/GPs identify within their work area that have an impact on patient care and express interest in leading. 
  2. Must be Quality Improvement not Quality Assurance. 
  3. Physician project lead must complete online LEAN White Belt Training prior to releasing the funds (1-2 hour online course). 
  4. Must have an identified and confirmed Quality Improvement support person (SSC QI Coach, Northern Health QI Lead or Advisor). 
  5. Physicians must provide a quarterly progress report detailing project advancement for the duration of the project to their Quality Improvement support person. 
  6. A final project report must be completed and submitted to the Physician Quality Improvement Steering Committee.

For any questions, and to submit your completed application, please email

Deadline for submission of application is October 31, 2017.


In 2016, a group of physicians, Northern Health administration, Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC representatives developed a proposal to support specialists, as well as facility-based family physicians, in quality improvement focused on improving patient care across the Northern Health region. The seed grant funding was created to support small projects that would springboard into potentially larger projects focused on patient and family-centered care.