Implementation of an Electronic ECG System

May 07, 2018

What is changing with ECGs?

Technology is being upgraded across Northern Health to automate the processing and storage of electrocardiograms (ECGS). Workflows across facilities will be changing from a paper to electronic process. In the future, all care providers will be able to review ECGs in PowerChart or PACS (currently stores radiology images). This upgrade will also improve workflows for Cardiologists and Internists who will in the future be able to report on electronic charts. ECG carts will be upgraded or replaced to accommodate this new process. 

Reporting and Distribution

  • All ECG exam strips and reports will be stored in PACS system which is currently used for storing and viewing radiology, CT, and MRI.
  • Reports and strips will also be available for viewing in PowerChart.
  • Electronic distribution to ordering physicians or facilities will eliminate the need for the copying and distribution of ECG paper strips with reports.

Capabilities of New Electronic Process

The electronic viewing system will have a full complement of tools that can be used for ECG data analysis

Next Steps

Currently, we are in a testing phase of the new software and are developing an implementation plan for all NH sites who perform ECGS.

Our goals are to:

  • Provide timely and effective communication to all facilities
  • Connect with NH sites to develop a phased onboarding plan to ensure a seamless transition
  • Equip sites with training and change management support (all sites will be provided with hands on training for technologists, nurses and physicians)

For more information and questions

Please contact Tim Pilon, Regional Manager of Medical Imaging Solutions