New Provincial Mental Health and Substance Use Service for Community Care Providers

August 31, 2018

BC Children’s Hospital is launching a new province-wide service to support evidenced based care to all B.C. children and youth living with mental health and substance use concerns.

They hope to do this by supporting community care providers with information, advice, and resources they need to deliver appropriate and timely care close to home to children and youth.

Our multidisciplinary team includes child and youth psychiatrists, mental health and substance use / concurrent disorders clinicians (SW, RN, psychologist, etc.) and a care coordinator.

We have consulted various stakeholders to inform the design of this service, and will continue to engage key audiences to develop and evolve this service to ensure it meets user needs.

Who can use the service?

The new service is available to primary care providers, specialist physician, child & youth mental health team clinician, Foundry clinicians and concurrent disorders/substance use clinicians.

What can you expect from the service?

When you call for a consultation, you’ll have access to a multi-disciplinary team who can assist with:

·        Telephone advice and support

·        Telehealth consultation to you and your patient, when needed

·        Identification and help with connection to local & online resources

·        Tailored training and education

We can help with diagnostic clarification, medication recommendations, treatment planning, consultation around CBT, DBT, substance counseling, family issues, trauma treatment, etc., and general support when things aren't going well.

How can you access the service?

After the service launches in September this year, community care providers across B.C. will be able to call 1-855-702-7272 from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST.

Launch date:

The new service is launching September 4, 2018 to providers in northern communities, followed by rollout to other areas in B.C. over the coming year.