Patient Medical Home

May 12, 2017

Work is underway throughout BC with the Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC on the patient medical home model. To help bring awareness to the work and to provide clear and consistent information to you, the Doctors of BC have developed centralized resources, outlined below:

  • PMH key information: contains clear information about the patient medical home model, including its value to patients and family doctors and its impact on how doctors deliver care. 
  • BC medical journal article: highlights the PMH work in BC that is creating a clear path to care and outlines how this proven model is being used in Alberta and Ontario.
  • Postcards: illustrates how the collaborative efforts of doctors and divisions laid the foundation for the PMH through local initiatives, a GP for me, divisions of family practice, and practice support program. They can also send pre-printed postcards, just let them know how many. 

The GPSC website is continually updated with new information and resources to support doctors and divisions of family practice with their patient medical home work. Information includes frequently asked questions and communications resources such as an overview presentation, powerpoint slides, and posters.