PowerChart Changes - Interface with LifeLabs and Multiple Chart Open Feature Effective September 11, 2018

September 06, 2018

LifeLabs Results in PowerChart:

On September 11th, the LifeLabs results interface will take effect. The goal of the project is to electronically receive referred out test results from LifeLabs through Excelleris and display them in Cerner PowerChart.

This will reduce the risk to patients for delayed or missing referred out tests, and is aligned with he Lab Agency's initiative for an integrated network.

For detailed information on the changes, please view the LifeLabs to Cerner Interface power point presentation

Multiple Chart Open Feature Removal:

Important changes to PowerChart multiple chart open feature:

When you have multiple patient charts open at once there is the possibility for the charts to change without the provider being aware. In organizations who do CPOE and documentation this has been a patient safety issue. 

To minimize any risk to our patients and prevent any possible error in reviewing the wrong chart, we are removing the ability to have more than one chart open at a time. This change will take affect September 11, 2018.