Rapid Mobilization Program Information for Prince George

March 16, 2017

The Rapid Mobilization Program was initiated in 2015 in Prince George and in 2014 in Fort St. John. The following information is for those located in Prince George, as the Fort St. John model is slightly different.

The objective of the Rapid Mobilization Program is to serve patients who urgently require home support services within 24 hours of referral. The goals of the program are to decrease emergency department (ED) admission to acute care, and to decrease wait times for home support services in the community.

The Rapid Mobilization Team provides immediate support to patients at risk of returning to ED within 8-12 hours if home support service is not provided, and provides timely access to home support services for patients being discharged from the hospital. The goal of the team is to see the patient and deliver care within 4-24 hours of referral and provide care for 1-5 days. The attending physician must sign off on the Rapid Mobilization Plan of Care referral form. The Home Support Rapid Mobilization Program Brochure and the plan of care form are available to order through Northern Health Document Source (250-649-7550, plan of care document #10-000-5143-008, brochure document #11-511-6030). For more information, please refer to the frequently asked questions document.

Sharri Harfman, Clinical Program Lead, Home Support Services