The Emergency Department at UHNBC Christmas Tradition

December 28, 2017

Spreading Christmas Cheer at UHNBC

For the last two years, a group of emergency doctors at UHNBC in Prince George has delivered over 100 boxes of Christmas Oranges to all the departments at the hospital as a thank you for all they do throughout the year. 

The docs visit every department from laundry and registration, to Pediatrics, Plant Services, the Cafeteria and Administration. From the basement to the top floor, each department receives a box or two of oranges, a Christmas card and chocolates. The docs spread Christmas cheer by wearing their scrubs, Santa hats and carry a stereo playing Christmas music to brighten the day of staff that serve the hospital across every department. 

This year, once every department had received their oranges, the docs headed to several local shelters to give out the rest of the Christmas oranges. This tradition was started in Nanaimo, BC many years ago and Brydon Blacklaws (emergency room physician in Prince George) has brought this tradition to Prince George to carry forward.