Continuing Medical Education

Northern Continuing Medical Education

The Northern Continuing Medical Education Program (NCME) was developed under the direction of the Northern Health Medical Advisory Committee to assist physicians to remain current with the latest knowledge of solutions and breakthroughs in the medical field relevant to the practice of medicine in northern BC. This knowledge assists physicians in gaining a better understanding of any illness and prescribing treatment – thus, providing the best patient care possible.

The goal of the NCME is to increase the availability of learning opportunities across the North while creating new institutional alliances, and business partnerships.

The NCME can help physicians provide their patients with the most current advances and changes to the delivery of care, by identifying CME\CPD opportunities that can assist physicians to engage and access programs pertinent to their professional activities. This access fosters physician learning and assists with the amendments to the Health Professions Act that requires demonstration of a continuing commitment to clinical learning. The Northern Continuing Medical Education website features a full calendar of upcoming courses, workshops and training opportunities available to physicians in BC and Canada.

Visit the Events Calendar for 2015 on the NCME website.

Professional Education Programs

The Rural Continuing Professional Development Program (RCPD), with the support of the Rural Coordination Centre (RCCbc) of BC, is working with and on behalf of rural physicians to help support the continuing medical education and professional development needs of rural health care professionals in BC.

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is committed to providing quality online educational materials to physicians from all specialties. Through their CPG Infobase and CME Catalogue, and with public and private sponsorships, they continue to develop an ever-expanding range of learning products for Canadian physicians.

Superior management decisions are informed by evidence – that’s the premise of EXTRA (the Executive Training for Research Application program), a training program offered by the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (CHSRF). This highly praised part-time, two-year program is an excellent professional development opportunity for health care leaders.