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Overview: CBT Canada is pleased to offer another Japanese CME cruise aboard the spectacular Diamond Princess. We hosted our 2014, 2016, and 2017 Asian CME groups on the same ship, and everyone enjoyed it immensely. 

The CME is the acclaimed "triple strength" CBT for Depression module (16.7 hours / 50.0 credits*). General interest topics covered include procrastination, perfectionism, rumination, self-criticism, self-handicapping, letting go of the past, decision-making, and evidence-based marital enrichment (e.g., exploring Japan together!). Join us and you'll gain a plethora of ultra-brief techniques to help your patients defeat depression and be happy. 

Head instructor Greg Dubord, MD is nice & limber from giving well over 400 CBT workshops, and is a University of Toronto CME Teacher of the Year. 

Discover the beauty, culture & mystery of Japan!
Japan is an enchanting place, where traditional villages lie nestled in seaside coves and up in mountainous forests, and Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines are found amidst busy neon city streets.

Japan is also a land of festivals, many dating back centuries. Summer is the prime time to experience these magical events, and this cruise is specifically designed so you can participate in some of the very best. There will be many moments when you'll feel like you're living in the middle of a National Geographic special.

*American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) members are eligible to receive up to 50.0 Prescribed credit hours for attendance at CBT Canada’s 16.75 hour (/50.0 Mainpro+ credit) workshops due to a reciprocal agreement with the College of Family Physicians (AAFP, 2016). 

Location: Diamond Princess Cruise

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