Northern Continuing Medical Education

The NCME Program

The Northern Continuing Medical Education Program (NCME) was developed under the direction of the Northern Health Medical Advisory Committee (NHMAC) to assist physicians in remaining current with the latest knowledge, solutions and breakthroughs in medicine relevant to practice in Northern BC.


  • To support physicians in the provision of exceptional care to patients by identifying and connecting physicians with CME/CDP opportunities
  • To review and process physician RCME claims
  • To increase the availability of learning opportunities across the North

Provincial Harmonization of Rural Continuing Medical Education

Recently, the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues approved the harmonization of Rural Continuing Medical Education (RCME) policies used by each health authority to review rural physician claims for RCME.


  • Consistent review of RCME claims of rural physicians throughout the province
  • Standardization of benefits

Please consult the harmonized policy and reimbursement form for more information.

For any further assistance please email