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Physician Quality Improvement (PQI)

What is QI?

Physician Quality Improvement (PQI)

What is Quality?

Quality happens where NH staff and physicians work every day, on a moment-by-moment basis. It is how we think about, how we design, and how we deliver the services that we provide every day. Quality must always be seen from the perspective of the people we serve.

"Quality health care is about delivering the best possible care and achieving the best possible outcomes for all people every time."Health Canada

Quality Improvement in Northern Health

We are guided by five principles of continuous Quality Improvement in Northern Health:

  • Know who we serve – quality improvement is patient/client-focused.
  • What we do impacts others – we ensure all parts of the system work together in a coordinated way to reach the goal of the whole system.
  • Improvement requires teamwork – Quality Improvement is about empowering individuals who do the work to improve the work in collaboration with others in well-designed systems.
  • Improvement involves measurement – we must measure to know where we start and how we are improving toward our target. The purpose of measurement is for learning not judgment.
  • Celebrate and share our work – when we achieve Quality Improvement goals, we share, facilitate and sustain the improvements.

Strengthening physician involvement in QI

The Physician Quality Improvement (PDF) portfolio has and will continue to:

  • Collaborate with internal NH stakeholders to reach our NH QI goals;
  • Work closely with our external partners to ensure a cohesive approach to QI in our region; and 
  • Support physicians, both locally and regionally, to work with their teams to make improvements that they want to see in the health care system to reach the best patient outcomes.


What is available to you for quality improvement?

Northern Health has a variety of resources (PDF), funding and support services for physicians interested in leading or participating in quality improvement projects and training. For more information please contact physicianqi@northernhealth.ca or visit them online at nhpqi.ca.

Reimbursement/credit for your time focused on quality improvement and leadership

  • Physician Reimbursement Form - Quality Improvement
  • The Shared Care Committee and Specialist Services Committee Health Care Redesign Fund provides physicians with reimbursement for time and travel when participating in regional/system quality improvement activities.
  • The Shared Care Committee and Specialist Services Committee offer a yearly $10,000 tuition/travel reimbursement for physicians completing leadership training
  • Physician funding available for registration/travel to attend quality improvement and leadership conferences
  • Seed grant funding opportunities (up to $5,000) for physician led quality improvement initiatives for example reimbursing a nurse for their time working on your project. 

Physician Quality Improvement team support

  • Internal/Customized workshops
  • CME credits are available for participating in educational sessions focused on practice improvement and/or reflective practices. Assistance with community/personal learning plans, accreditation, and medical conferences. 
  • Physicians can access group training and education sessions where content areas can be identified by physician groups.   
  • 4 Coaches, data analyst, evaluator, and coordinator available 
  • Identify where gaps exist, try out improvement ideas, improve workflow, and reduce waste and duplication.
  • Showcase your work through multiple venues (e.g. local publications, regional/international conferences), assist with creating a storyboard. 
  • Research best/leading practice, data collection, evaluation, facilitation support for your quality improvement project, and 1:1 quality improvement training.