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All DMO-Cerner users - DMO is upgrading


NH DMO –  Cerner upgrading to version 2023.2 on Sept 12, 2023

There are a number of improvements and fixes, some of which are highlighted below:   

  • New keyboard navigation and hotkey options.  
  • Shorter voice commands for speech focus anchoring.  
  • Users do not need to restart DMO to use a newly created auto-text or step-by-step command.
  • Users can say “Make that an auto-text” when the 'Manage Auto-texts' dialog is already open.
  • DMO no longer terminates unexpectedly when the 'Options' dialog box is closed. 
  • Issue that could lead to Dragon Medical One becoming unresponsive during dictation was fixed.
  • If a Dragon Medical server session timeout occurs when DMO has been in standby mode for more than five minutes, users can resume dictation by saying “Wake word”.
  • Fixes for PowerMic Mobile and hotkey configuration.   
  • Additional Windows and Microsoft Office and Outlook voice commands.

More information on improvement and fixes (requires access to the NH network), or Northern Health’s Dragon Medical One (Dragon speech recognition).

Further information and practice implications