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Medical imaging

Northern Health’s medical imaging departments strive to provide high quality, efficient diagnostic testing services to residents in the North.

Our clerks, technologists, radiologists, and administrative staff are committed to upholding the highest medical standards and providing medical staff and patients with the diagnostic tools to improve health and wellness.

Northern Health medical imaging embraces working collaboratively with other health authorities, a wide range of health practitioners and with the BC Ministry of Health striving to provide consistent and standardized services to our diverse patient population. The BC guidelines are produced by the Guidelines and Protocols and Advisory Committee (GPAC) a joint committee between the Doctors of BC and the BC Ministry of Health.

Northern Health medical imaging provides primary and tertiary services that includes image guided diagnostic and therapeutic services. Please refer to the services below.


Northern Health medical imaging advocates for the use of the provincial guidelines developed by the Specialist Trauma Advisory Network (STAN). STAN is a specialist advisory and oversight network for complex trauma cases across BC.


Procedures and interventional exams

Northern Health’s medical imaging departments provide special procedures such as biopsy, joint injections, aspiration, line placements, and other tests that require a radiologist on site.

Northern Health strives to ensure accessibility of services, while ensuring that services are only provided where the required expertise of radiologists and technologists is present, and where required special equipment and post procedure care (if necessary) is available.

The medical imaging special procedures and interventional exams list is organized by low, medium and high risk, which determines where the requisition will be sent. It is intended to support clinicians in locating the most appropriate sites for the required procedure and/or exam using the referral pathway.


Complete approved requisition:

and fax to:

Local medical Imaging department:

  • Will consult with the Radiologist and if the procedure cannot be performed on site or in a timely manner will be referred to the nearest resource for the patient using the referral pathway by the imaging department.

Procedures at a site may be temporarily delayed or unavailable due to radiologist and/or staff absence or equipment downtime.