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There are urgent locum opportunities at Northern Health.

There are specialist locum opportunities at Northern Health.

Northern Health and Doctors of BC are excited to partner and share this opportunity with all medical staff.

Medical Staff communications is working to develop and deliver a communications strategy. Shar McCrory, Communications Lead, Medical Affairs presented the draft to the Northern Health Medical Advisory Committee (NHMAC) in January and received some great feedback. 

Starting January 29, 2024, cervix screening in BC will start to transition from solely cytology (Pap test) to include human papillomavirus (HPV) testing as a primary screening method.

An influenza outbreak has been declared on the cardiac ward at St. Paul’s Hospital (SPH) on Sunday, January 21, 2024. The temporary closure of the SPH Cardiac ward is limiting capacity to receive cardiac transfers from Northern Health.

The Mental Health & Substance Use (MHSU) regional team would like to circulate an update on the upcoming changes with the Mental Health Act: specifically, a change from Form 4 (Medical Certificate – Involuntary Admission) to