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The issue: ondansetron 4 mg oral disintigrating tablets (ODT) are currently not available to order and NH pharmacy has low supply. Some sites may stock out of this strength before the estimated resupply date.  

Estimated availability: November 2022

The issue: Due to a shortage of Canadian-labelled levofloxacin 5 mg/mL X 100 mL ready-to-use IV bags from Pfizer, Health Canada has authorized the importation of a US-labelled product from Hikma Pharmaceuticals.

Issue: betamethasone 0.05 mg/mL X 100 mL rectal enemas have been discontinued from the sole source vendor in Canada. Use of this product in NH is very low across all facilities. Current inventory will expire shortly and will not be replaced once depleted.  

Resolution: The shortage of framycetin/gramicidin/ dexamethasone (5 mg-0.05 mg-0.5 mg/mL) eye/ear drops (Sofracort®) has been resolved by the manufacturer. 

The issue: lorazepam 4 mg/mL X 1 mL injectable is currently on backorder from the sole source vendor in Canada. NH has approximately four to six weeks of stock in pharmacies and clinical areas.  

Estimated availability: November 2022

The issue: hydrOXYzine 10 mg oral capsules are on backorder from the sole vendor in Canada. Based on historical use, NH has approximately two to three months of stock in pharmacies and wardstock locations; however, the ETA for resupply is not until 2023

If you have patients who may be at increased risk for acquiring HIV, correct and consistent use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) can help.