/ Physicians


Medical Affairs

Recruitment and Retention:

Amber Atkings
Assistant, Medical Staff Recruitment
Phone: 250-224-4698
Email: physicians@northernhealth.ca

Tianna Rossi
Coordinator, Medical Staff Retention and Recruitment
Phone: 250-960-9013
Email: physicians@northernhealth.ca

Credentialing and Privileging:

Donna Taylor
Coordinator, Credentialing and Privileging
Phone: 250-645-6073
Email: NHAppointment@northernhealth.ca

Regional Director, Medical Affairs:

Jason Jaswal
Regional Director, Medical Affairs
Phone: 250-645-8422
Email: Jason.Jaswal@northernhealth.ca

Assistant, Medical Affairs
Shivani Sadhir
Phone: 250-945-8956
Email: Shivani.Sadhir@northernhealth.ca


VP of Medicine

VP of Medicine

Dr. Ronald Chapman, MD, FRCPC, MBBCH, MCH
Phone: 250-649-7653
Email: Ronald.Chapman@northernhealth.ca 
VP Medicine Portfolio Organizational Structure

Executive Assistant to the VP of Medicine:
Kathy Stogneff
Phone: 250-565-2154
Email: Kathy.Stogneff@northernhealth.ca


Medical Directors

Prince George:

Dr. Firas Mansour
Phone: (250) 562-7014
Email: Firas.Mansour@northernhealth.ca

Coordinator, UHNBC Medical Affairs and Assistant to the Prince George Medical Director:
Eliana Clements
Phone: 250-565-2250
Email: Eliana.Clements@northernhealth.ca

Northern Interior Rural:

Dr. Tony Preston MD, MRCGP(UK), MRCP(I)
Phone: 250-563-8284
Email: Tony.Preston@northernhealth.ca

Coordinator, NI Medical Affairs and Assistant to the Northern Interior Rural Medical Director:
Wendy Fox
Phone: 250-985-5577
Email: Wendy.Fox@northernhealth.ca


Dr. Shannon Douglas
Phone: 250-699-6225
Email: Shannon.Douglas@northernhealth.ca

Coordinator, NI Medical Affairs and Assistant to the Lakes/Omineca Medical Director: 
Wendy Fox
Phone: 250-985-5577
Email: Wendy.Fox@northernhealth.ca

North West:

Dr. Jaco Fourie
Phone: 250-631-4166
Email: Jaco.Fourie@northernhealth.ca

Administrative Assistant to the North West Medical Director:
Chelsey Cyr
Phone: 250-631-4166
Email: Chelsey.Cyr@northernhealth.ca

North East:

Dr. Becky Temple, MD, CCFP
Phone: 250-262-5212
Email: Becky.Temple@northernhealth.ca

Coordinator, NE Medical Affairs and Assistant to the North East Medical Director:
Sandra Wheeler
Phone: 250-261-7233
Email: Sandra.Wheeler@northernhealth.ca



Physician Education (CME):

Suite 404 – 299 Victoria Street
Prince George, BC  V2L 5B8
Fax: 250-645-6336
Email: Physician.Education@northernhealth.ca

Coordinator, Continuing Medical Education Program
Jayleen Emery
Phone: 250-565-5814
Email: Jayleen.Emery@northernhealth.ca

Assistant, Continuing Medical Education Program
Kirsten Quinlan
Phone: 250-565-5872
Email: Kirsten.Quinlan@northernhealth.ca


Physician Quality Improvement

Physician Quality Improvement:

Suite 600 – 299 Victoria Street
Prince George, BC  V2L 5B8
Fax: 250-645-6336
Email: Physicianqi@northernhealth.ca

Coordinator, Physician Quality Improvement 
Jayleen Emery
Phone: 250-645-6472

PQI Coaches

Northern Interior Rural Coach
Marna deSousa
Phone: 250-699-2635

North West Coach
Lee Cameron
Phone: 250-631-4673

UHNBC Prince George Coach
Shelley Movold
Phone: 250-565-5501

North East Coach
Andrea Goodine