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Orientation manual for new NH medical staff

Northern Health Medical Affairs has developed a manual to serve as a quick reference guide for new NH medical staff to answer common questions, provide key contact information, and provide an overview of the key aspects of working in a Northern Health facility. This manual is also meant to guide orientation sessions with medical staff and their respective medical administration leads.

To receive a copy of the onboarding package, contact the medical staff recruiter for your area, or email physicians@northernhealth.ca

Do you have additional questions? For general onboarding inquiries you can email onboarding@northernhealth.ca

NH co-leadership report

The NH co-leadership report provides a detailed compilation of work to advance co-leadership between Northern Health medical and administrative leadership to advance the partnerships needed to achieve NH's mission of providing exceptional health services to northerners. Delivering integrated, accessible, and high quality services is contingent on a diverse group of people working together to achieve a common goal. For leaders within health care organizations, it is increasingly important to align priorities and quality of patient care initiatives.

NH staff rules and bylaws

Helpful links

  • We have created a document of helpful links for medical staff. See the medical staff links document for the most recent version.

For more information, please contact your local Medical Director


Education for Medical Staff Leaders

The goal is to provide high-level, standardized overviews of different processes and timelines relating to medical staff leaders’ roles and responsibilities. Face-to-face workshops will also be provided.

Addressing patient safety events

Addressing workplace practice and conduct

For more information, please contact your local Medical Director


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