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Dragon speech recognition

Northern Health provides access to Dragon Medical One (DMO) voice recognition solution to all medical staff working with Northern Health. DMO is a cloud based software that provides clinical speech recognition for acute, community and primary care services, instantly transcribing voice recorded notes into clinical documents.

Getting started

DMO can be used to complete dictated clinical documentation in electronic medical records (EMRs). This includes, but is not limited to, Cerner electronic medical record (EMR), Community MOIS (CMOIS) and private medical office information systems.

Benefits of using Northern Health’s DMO include:

  • Improved patient care: Dictation and editing in one step, eliminating the need to wait for transcription. Documentation is immediately available for patient care.
  • Improved workflow for community-based dictations: Direct entry into CMOIS or other community applications eliminates the need to copy/paste transcribed documents, greatly improving document turnaround time and reducing manual workload for community support staff.
  • Portable convenience: Having a cloud-based, single voice profile that can be used across EMRs, taking your personalized vocabularies and templates with you wherever you document in Northern Health.
  • Short training time: DMO achieves high accuracy from the start, with a cloud-based profile that is auto-established at first use.
  • Built in productivity tools can decrease documentation time: Use commands to insert auto-texts for frequently used text, insert templates, access speciality dictionaries, favourites, and functional processes such as turning the microphone on and off.
  • Cost savings: DMO is available to physicians at no charge for hospital and community-based care, as well as private office dictations.

DMO access and training

Northern Health physicians and nurse practitioners are given a license for DMO as part of the physician onboarding process and access will be provided upon completion of training.

Existing physicians and nurse practitioners can request access to DMO by submitting a request for a DMO license and training through the Service desk (see Contacts tab). Access to DMO will provided upon completion of training.

DMO training is available for both CMOIS and PowerChart. Additional support for PowerChart documentation and navigation can be arranged by contacting the PowerChart Training team (see Contacts tab).



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Additional resources

Dragon Medical One Resource Hub

The Dragon Medical One Resource Hub has additional resources to optimize your DMO usage. This includes a Learning Centre, tools and resources, or other tips for maximizing dictation efficiency.



Service desk:

  • New account requests and requests for training
  • Password reset or sign in
  • General technical support

Phone: 1-888-558-4357
Email: servicedesk@northernhealth.ca

PowerChart training team:

  • Help with DMO usage in PowerChart
  • General PowerChart training

Email: powercharttraining@northernhealth.ca

Quality assurance team:

  • General document support
  • Support in correcting a report
  • Can’t find a self-authored document in PowerChart
  • General DMO questions
  • Printed pocket guides and fast tips pamphlet

Phone: 1-844-565-5950
Email: rtspendingteam@northernhealth.ca


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