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How to get remote access to PowerChart (and how to get RSA)
  • If you need access to PowerChart from your clinic and are on the PPN (Private Physician Network sponsored by Doctors of BC), a free install of NHEverywhere is all that is needed. Instructions for downloading NHEverywhere can be found below.
  • If your clinic is on a private network (like Shaw or Telus), you will need an RSA authenticator. To get an RSA authenticator, please call the service desk at 1-888-558-4357 (Option 2) or visit the user access page from a NH computer.

How to setup/install NH Everywhere

NHEverywhere is free and can be installed on your PC, Mac or iPad. Some clients have also managed to get NHEverywhere to work on their android devices, but at this time we do not support this version. Please note, at this time printing is not supported over Mac and iPad. Instructions for downloading NHEverywhere can be found on OurNH.


How to reset passwords

If you are locked out and need your password, from an NH computer, visit the password reset link.


How to get the provincial e-viewer
  • Log into PowerChart. There is an [eHealth Viewer] button at the top of the page.
  • If you have not yet registered, this will take you to the link to apply. If you are registered, this will take you to the eHealth Viewer.

Email support

ITS provides a contact email address for physicians It is monitored on regular business days (no weekends or stats). Physicians can email non urgent questions or support issues. Turn around time for responses is usually within one business day.


NH Wifi requests, install or reset
  • Access to Northern Health’s private Wi-Fi network service is only available for IOS and Android devices at this time (not laptops). If you need access you can call the Service Desk at 1-888-558-4357 (Option 2) or visit the user access page from a NH computer.
  • Northern Health also provides a texting solution called MBMD which provides physician to physician SECURE texting. To apply, call the number above for the Service Desk.

Locating care plans in PowerChart
  • When there is a care plan present, it should state this in the colored banner bar at the top of the patients chart. It will also display the date the last care plan was created. If it is older than 6 or 12 months, there is no need to look it up.
  • Go to “documents” folder, then sub folder “shared care plan”.
  • Note: It is labor intensive for family physicians to get the care plans uploaded so this is a work in progress.

VmWare Horizon View

Please select the appropriate link for your device to install the VmWare Horizon View client.

*Please note Windows 7 and 10 utilize the same client.

Please refer to the installation instructions to see how to check the Operation System on your machine.

Need Help?

For additional support please contact the ITS Service Desk at 1-888-558-4357 or by email at


How to find and add printers
  • Navigate to "" in Internet Explorer. On the left side of the window, navigate to your building and floor.
  • Most sites will have their printers displayed on a floorplan map. Small sites may not have a map, but will have a list of available printers at that location. Hover over the printer icon and click Install Printer, or single click on any printer located in the list.
  • A small dialog box will appear asking you to confirm installation of that printer, in this dialog box you may also select this printer to be your default printer. When you are ready, click Yes to com-plete the installation of the selected printer, or select No to cancel

printer setup image