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IT support

Microsoft Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

How do I know if I'm already enrolled in Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)?

How to setup Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for the first time

How do I move MFA to my new phone?
  • If you have your "old phone" while you migrate content to your new phone, follow these steps:
  • If you don't have your "old phone" follows these steps:

Physician Information Technology support

How to get remote access
  • If you need access to PowerChart from your clinic and are on the PPN (Private Physician Network sponsored by Doctors of BC), follow the instructions for setting up NHEverywhere found below.
  • If your clinic is on a private network (like Shaw or Telus), please follow the NHEverywhere instructions below.

Have any questions?

  • Please contact the Northern Health ITS Service Desk at 1-888-558-4357

How to get the provincial e-viewer
  • Log into PowerChart. There is an [eHealth Viewer] button at the top of the page.
  • If you have not yet registered, this will take you to the link to apply. If you are registered, this will take you to the eHealth Viewer.

What is NHEverywhere and how to set it up

NHEverywhere (NHE) is a virtual desktop solution that allows physicians, clinicians, and staff to reliably and securely access Northern Health applications required for patient care (e.g., Cerner, CMOIS, PACS etc.). To keep NHE secure, we rely on Microsoft multi-factor authentication (MFA). Instructions on enrolling in Microsoft MFA and using NHEverywhere.

When accessing NHEverywhere from outside a Northern Health facility you must always access it via the Microsoft My Apps portal. Log into the My Apps portal using your Northern Health email address and password and Microsoft MFA.

Instructions for using NHEverywhere (VDI) with the Microsoft My Apps portal


How to reset passwords

If you are locked out and need your password, from an NH computer, visit the password reset link.


How to find and add printers
  • Navigate to "print.northernhealth.ca" in Internet Explorer. On the left side of the window, navigate to your building and floor.
  • Most sites will have their printers displayed on a floorplan map. Small sites may not have a map, but will have a list of available printers at that location. Hover over the printer icon and click Install Printer, or single click on any printer located in the list.
  • A small dialog box will appear asking you to confirm installation of that printer, in this dialog box you may also select this printer to be your default printer. When you are ready, click Yes to com-plete the installation of the selected printer, or select No to cancel

printer setup image


IT support and escalation
  • ITS provides a contact email address for physicians ITHelp@northernhealth.ca. It is monitored on regular business days (no weekends or stats). Physicians can email non urgent questions or support issues. Turn around time for responses is usually within one business day.
  • If you have contacted the service desk previously, and your issue has either not been resolved, or requires more urgent consideration, please see the ITS escalation matrix.

NH Wifi requests, install or reset
  • Access to Northern Health’s private Wi-Fi network service is only available for IOS and Android devices at this time (not laptops). If you need access you can call the Service Desk at 1-888-558-4357 (Option 2) or visit the user access page from a NH computer.
  • Northern Health also provides a texting solution called MBMD which provides physician to physician SECURE texting. To apply, call the number above for the Service Desk.

Secure texting (MBMD)

What is MBMD?

MBMD has been selected as Northern Health’s secure texting and notification system with integrated on-call scheduling. It improves clinical communications regarding patient’s needs, notifies physicians in a timely and respectful manner, displays current physician on-call scheduling, and provides optional notifications to physicians inpatient Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) from all NH facilities. The system is reliable, protects patient information, allowing for the full disclosure of clinical information among care givers within the Health Authority inclusive of sharing images and documents.

Benefits of MBMD:

  • Reliable notifications to the caregivers smartphone
  • Securely communicate patient needs while protecting patient information
  • Enables patient safety by reliably and quickly notifying available physicians of patient needs.
  • Accessible to all NH caregivers from a variety of internet accessible platfroms (PC, iPhone, Android Phone, Tablet, etc.)
  • Uses Existing NH Authentication for Access
  • ADT notifications available according to physician preferences
  • Facilitates direct phone conversations where needed

User guides:

For MBMD support please contact Sarah Woodworth: sarah.woodworth@northernhealth.ca or call 250-614-6616.

For access related issues, please contact Northern Health ITS Service Desk.


Microsoft Teams

Northern Health is adopting a more modern online workplace by deploying Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft 365 platform. Other BC health authorities will also start using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 in the near future.

Microsoft Teams provides streamlined experiences for online meetings and calls, document and content collaboration, high-velocity chat-based conversations, and the integration of apps and analytics. Microsoft Teams replaces Skype for Business for meetings, calls, presence indicators, and private chats.

Instructions and resources:

For support and issues, please contact Northern Health ITS Service Desk.


MOCAP eScheduling via ByteBloc

The physician on call scheduling project was undertaken to identify and implement an integrated scheduling solution that will:

  • Support the needs of physicians to create and manage their on call schedule
  • Enable Northern Health administration to effectively process physician compensation related to MOCAP/on call requirements

This project will help to standardize practices related to on call schedule management for physicians across Northern Health.

ByteBloc has been selected as the physician on call scheduling solution for Northern Health. Implementation and roll out of ByteBloc across the various HSDA's is underway.

For MBMD users, please note that the MOCAP schedules have been migrated from Hapi On Call to ByteBloc; there is no resulting change to MBMD and no action is required from end users.

For more information see Medical On Call Availability Program.