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Northern Health cardiac patients requiring higher level of care services must be transferred to one of the five cardiac tertiary centers in the Province.

Cardiac transfers to St. Paul’s Hospital (SPH) and Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) can resume normal post-pandemic process.

NH Cardiac Transfer Process:

A new GPSC one-time payment with a minimum of $1000 will support eligible family doctors who manage high risk patients during the current COVID-19 and influenza season.

A COVID-19 outbreak in St. Paul’s Hospital (SPH) cardiac wards continues to limit capacity to receive cardiac transfers at both SPH  and Vancouver General Hospital (VGH).

Northern Health would like to invite eligible Physicians to indicate their interest in the following position: 

The shortage of sodium tetradecyl sulfate 3% injectable (2 mL single-use vials and 5 mL multi-dose vials) has resolved with an adequate ongoing supply.

Newly developed, NHMAC endorsed, Antimicrobial Stewardship clinical practice standards are now available. Patients with orders for IV antibiotics extending beyond 8 weeks will require Infectious Diseases consultation.