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What is Compass?

Compass is a province-wide service to support evidenced based care to all BC children and youth living with mental health and substance use concerns.

The Resolution:

The shortages of erythromycin 5 mg/g ophthalmic ointment (1 g tube size, 3.5 g tube size still back ordered) and tetracaine 4% topical gel (Ametop) is now resolved. 

The first Physician Quality Improvement (PQI) Summit was held on November 19, 2019 in Vancouver. It was attended by over 400 physicians, key partners from BC Health Authorities and the BC Ministry of Health.

The Issue:

Cosyntropin zinc (Synacthen Depot) 1 mg/mL x 1 mL ampoule is on backorder and stock is expiring at the end of February 2019. Anticipated availability is July 2019.

The third edition of the biannual newsletter for the Clinical Quality Programs is now available.

We are excited to announce the launch of the EmergCare Quality Improvement and Transformation Project to standardize care across Northern Health (NH) emergency departments (ED).

The issue:

Tetracaine 4% topical gel is on backorder with no alternative vendors. Anticipated availability estimated April 2019.