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The Child and Youth Health Program has created this newsletter to bring you the best resources and practice tips to support children, youth and families with mental health issues.

Hydralazine 20 mg/mL x 1 mL vial is single source from Sterimax who have indicated the drug is on backorder until late March 2019.

NH has approximately six weeks of inventory and we anticipate we will stick out mid to late January 2019.

Both suppliers of methylene blue 10 mg/mL injection are unable to supply due to lack of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). 

Sodium tatradecyl sulfate 1% X 2 mL product is now available Sodium tatradecyl sulfate 3% X 2mL is expected late December Sodium tatradecyl sulfate 3% X 5 mL product will be supplied until the 2 mL vial is available

Canadian Blood Services will be implementing a revised K (Kell) pheotype testing strategy on November 26th, 2018. For detailed information, please view the customer letter. 

Sodium tetradecyl sulfate 1% and 3% expired at the end of October 2018 and the Health Canada approval to extend the expiration date was rescinded today.

MRI Medical Imaging now has a new fax number dedicated to MRI Submissions. 

All Prince George MRI requisitions should be faxed to: 250-565-5877

Please feel free to share with your colleagues accordingly.