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June 2022 Formulary Update - effective June 22, 2022

Northern Health (NH) will be receiving a team of seven Accreditation Canada Surveyors between July 10-15, 2022 to complete the second half of our evaluation on Primary and Community Care & Population Health.

Resolution: Moxifloxacin 400 mg injectable is now available in good supply and this drug shortage can be considered resolved.

Date: June 10, 2022

The issue: hydrOXYzine 50 mg/mL injection is not currently available to order and ETA for resupply is unknown at this time. Based on historical use, NH has approximately 2 to 3 weeks of stock in pharmacies and wardstock locations.

The issue: fluorescein ophthalmic products (1 mg strips and 2% drops, unit dose minims) remain only intermittently available. Supply of the fluorescein 2% minims is low at most NH sites; however, the fluorescein 1 mg strips are currently in good supply.

Join Dr. Andrew Deonarine, Dr. Dana Cole, and Bjorn Butow on June 15 (from 5-6 pm) on Zoom for a discussion about Northern Health’s SaferCare plan.

The Issue: The single source vendor of lidocaine 2% with EPINEPHrine 1:100,000 X 20 mL vials is on backorder. NH has approximately five to six weeks of supply on hand in pharmacies and in wardstock areas based on historical use.