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APAU Discharges and Psychiatric follow-up


The Adolescent Psychiatric Assessment Unit (APAU) is a regional service for youth aged 12-18 years of age that require crisis stabilization and/or an inpatient admission.

Discharge Planning begins at the start of a youth’s admission. The team requires involvement and contact with as many members of the youth’s community care team as is possible and agreed upon by the youth.

At discharge the APAU team will provide recommendations for follow up to the care team, which could include ongoing therapy, regular blood work or medication monitoring by a physician, family therapy, parent support services, recreational community services, etc. APAU is responsible for all referrals for community services.

A Discharge Summary will be provided to the patient/family and the patient’s community care team. Reports to included but not limited to – Discharge Summary, Safety Plan, Psychology Report, and School Report.

Follow- Ups:
If determined by the inpatient team at APAU, 2-3 follow-up sessions can be offered depending on the severity of illness, and/or medication monitoring. 

Follow up appointments will be delivered via video conference for youth outside of the Prince George area. In person follow ups for local youth can be offered at UHNBC Pediatric Outpatient Clinic.

For more information, see the full memo.