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Cervix screening in BC - Transitioning from pap test to include HPV screening


Starting January 29, 2024, cervix screening in BC will start to transition from solely cytology (Pap test) to include human papillomavirus (HPV) testing as a primary screening method.

Individuals aged 25 to 69 who are due and eligible for cervix screening can opt to collect their own sample vaginally with the cervix self-screening kit, complete provider-collected cervical sample for HPV testing, or continue to access Pap tests. Provider-collected samples (Pap test) will be triaged for either cytology or HPV testing based on patient’s age.

Cervix self-screening uses an effective and reliable test that detects the high-risk HPV types associated with the development of cervical cancer. It is a low-barrier option for cervix screening as a medical appointment or primary care provider is not required. However, it can also be offered in primary care settings.

For more information, please see memo.