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Home health air conditioning medical assessment package


Through its Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP), BC Hydro offers portable air conditioners at no charge in order to support vulnerable customers. Individuals living in an income-qualified households may be eligible to receive these cooling devices. In addition to income qualification, individuals can be recommended for inclusion and prioritization in the air conditioning portion to the ECAP by a home health clinician or health nurse working in First Nations communities, if that clinician determines that they are at increased risk of adverse health outcomes due to medical and/or socio-environmental factors. 

The criteria for this recommendation and application process can be found in the Home Health / Community Health Risk Assessment for Air Conditioning Recommendation. Please note clinicians do not need to provide the assessment to the client.

Application process:

  1. Clinician uses the questions in the Home Health / Community Health Risk Assessment for Air Conditioning Recommendation to assess heat vulnerability on behalf of their client/applicant.
  2. If appropriate, clinician provides a Home Health/Community Health Heat Vulnerability Recommendation Letter with a signature, date, and practitioner number and/or professional designation on the letter.
  3. The client/applicant applies via mailed paper form or online. The client/applicant provides clinician letter, income information for verification, landlord approval (if applicable).
  4. Hydro/Fortis contractor schedules and performs home assessment and any required electrical upgrades.
  5. Hydro/Fortis contractor schedules and performs installation and provides educational materials on how and when to use new air conditioning unit.

Additional information is available in the BC Hydro FAQ's.