/ Physicians

Northern Health Emergency Management wants your feedback on NH’s COVID-19 response


As staff and physicians directly or indirectly involved in NH’s COVID-19 response, your perspective is an important part of how we will build improvements.

Northern Health Emergency Management is interested in hearing from you; what’s working well, what challenges or barriers do you wish could be removed, and what recommendations do you have for improvement? 

Feedback collected through this tool may also be used to inform the After-Action Review Report for the COVID-19 Pandemic, which will include recommendations for quality improvement to our emergency response.

Please note: Other feedback pathways have been established that will collect and report to the NH EOC to support the ongoing emergency response. 

Provide your feedback now.

The survey will remain open and accessible throughout the duration of the COVID-19 response. All responses will remain anonymous and you can provide your feedback multiple times. Feel free to complete the survey again whenever you have new thoughts or feedback on Northern Health’s response to COVID-19.

Do not use the feedback tool for urgent concerns, requests, or incident reports. Instead, contact your manager or supervisor directly, and follow appropriate policies and procedures. 

If you have any questions about this feedback tool, please contact the Northern Health Research and Evaluation Department at Research.Evaluation@northernhealth.ca.