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Qualitycast North celebrates: The podcast has been accessed more than 500 times


The Physician Quality Improvement (PQI) Qualitycast North podcast highlights Northern physicians who lead the way in a culture shift for quality improvement. The PQI Initiative is one of two flagship programs of the Specialist Services Committee (SSC). The SSC is a partnership between the Government of BC and Doctors of BC, and includes regular representation from health authorities. As such, the PQI initiative is co-designed in collaboration with all health authorities.

Podcast host Dr. Shyr Chui connects with guests from all over Northern BC to talk about their lives, their work, and how they’re improving health care – with a focus on quality improvement. Listeners are able to learn more about innovative quality improvement projects that address some of the challenges encountered by Northern patients and healthcare providers. The podcast also helps listeners explore the unique benefits of living and working in Northern communities and learn about their health care providers on a personal level.

In mid-February, after only three and a half months of operation, Qualitycast North episodes had been accessed more than 500 times, by people all over the world. The PQI team would like to extend their thanks to you for tuning in and listening to discussions about how Northern physicians are working to improve health care for Northerners.

Whether you’re new to the podcast, or revisiting to listen to your favourite episodes again, see the Qualitycast North webpage for access to every episode!

For photos and a list of podcast episodes, please visit the NH Stories site.