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Northern RACE

Northern Race

Rapid Access to Consultative Expertise (RACE)

Northern RACE is an advice line to support primary care providers in Northern BC. Northern specialist physicians will provide telephone support for non-emergent, patient-related questions. For more generic information, please visit the RACE connect website.

RACE provides: RACE does not provide:
  • An opportunity to speak directly with specialists for non-emergent clinical questions
  • Assistance with plan of care
  • Calls are usually returned within two (2) hours
  • Enhanced ability to manage the patient in your office
  • Learning opportunities
  • Timely guidance and advice
  • Appointment booking
  • Arranging a hospital bed
  • Arranging transfer
  • Emergent consultations

Toll-free: 1-855-605-7223 (RACE)

Northern RACE has been simplified to connect you with specialists in the following categories (the number corresponds with the option on the phone line):

0. RACE support team
1. Cardiology
2. Nephrology
3. Infectious diseases
4. Oncology
5. Gastroenterology
6. Psychiatry
7. Rheumatology
8. Pediatrics
9. Orthopaedics
10. Radiology 
11. Chronic pain

Important note: The Northern RACE telephone service will be closing down effective June 1, 2022 at which time Medical Staff can place requests to Northern Specialists via the RACEapp+. Please visit www.raceconnect.ca to learn about the new service.

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  • CME credits are no longer available when using the Northern RACE line. Please visit our CME event calendar to find accredited events near you. Go to the "Linking Learning to Practice" page on the College of Family Physicians of Canada website to learn more about this Mainpro exercise that you can apply for.


General practitioner: 

  • For longer, non-acute consults - G14077
  • For short, acute consults - G14018


  • G10001

General practitioner with specialty training: 

  • G14021

July 2017 SSC fees special bulletin

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